Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NTC Private World Rules - Amendment #1

I recently added in the first amendment to our world rules. It is as follows...

Amendment #1 - The commissioner has the right to fill any teams that remain vacant, that is, without an owner, after rollover. If you have not renewed your team for the following season before rollover, you forfeit the right to your team.

This was already implied by the way HBD handles renewals, but I wanted to make it clear so everyone is aware of where I stand. So I will no longer reserve your team for you until you get paid, or until credits from another world go through, or until your buddy pays you back for the case of beer you spotted him last week. You've got 3 months to find $25 to pay for the following season, and 3 days after credits are issued to use those credits towards the following season. If you can't find the time, energy, and money to renew by then, you agree that you are allowing your team to be filled by someone else.

Now, if I don't have anyone lined up and you send me something saying you missed the deadline and you want back in, that's fine. The team's all yours. But don't get upset if I found someone else to take your team.

I'm not mad at any individual or situation, but it seems silly to hold up everyone else for days because you decided to wait until a week after we rolled to find money for next season.



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