Monday, June 27, 2011

Mid-Season Update

As we approach the end of the first trimester on this second season in NTC, some teams have positioned themselves to make a run at a championship, while others have struggled out of the gate and have some ground to make up. With fans clamoring to know what the experts think about their team, it's time to take a look at who we think is about to fall in the standings, and who is primed to make a run to start climbing up the ladder.

"Now I'm Free....Free Fallin'"

Texas Long Riders
On pace to win 106 games, Texas is second in the AL with 32 wins. Looking to improve upon an 85 win season last year, Texas fans started the season with high hopes. Slugger Thomas Sosa was on ESPN radio with Mike and Mike this morning..."We just clickin' on all cylinders right now, you know." When asked about the questionable pitching, Sosa said, "It's all about wins, and right now we're getting them. At's all I'm sayin'. Wins. W's." But we at NTC Weekly aren't sure how long those W's are going to keep up at this pace. Texas pitchers are giving up nearly 5.5 runs per game, and they are an astounding 11-1 in 1-run games. Look for Texas to come back to pack in the coming weeks.

Wichita Learjets
Most of the buzz in and around Wichita this year has been about Wilkin Valdez, but they are quietly putting together a season that fans should also be excited about. Wichita has ridden their pitching to 31 wins in 49 tries, and look to take home a second division title in the improving NL South. And while we don't think Wichita is set up for a big fall, don't expect them to reach the 103 wins they're on pace to reach. "We've got to pick up our end of the load," Yamil Esposito stated while walking to his car after the game last night. "Our pitching is getting it done, but our hitting has just been average. And average doesn't win championships. For me personally, I'm not happy with (my .270 average). That should be up above .300. But we'll keep coming to the ballpark, putting in our work, and know that the results will follow. It's all we can do." Expect Wichita to fall back a bit, but they should still be able to hold on to the NL South division title.

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"Movin' On Up" - an examination of a couple teams looking to get over their hard luck and move up the standings.

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